Proving that wife Gwyneth Paltrow isn't the only one in the family with both musical and comedic chops, Coldplay's Chris Martin brought on the giggles on 'Saturday Night Live' on Nov. 12. Martin portrayed a "background singer" to notorious fibbing musicians Garth & Kat.

Martin joined 'SNL' cast members Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig in a series of hastily made up Thanksgiving songs on the 'Weekend Update' segment. The Garth & Kat sketches are typically entirely improvised bits by Wiig and Armisen, but it's not clear if they rehearsed with Martin beforehand. In any case, the results are hilarious.

Garth and Kat are about to get tossed off the set after it was revealed their CD is actually a slice of bologna -- until their full-time back up singer, who allegedly used to tour with AC/DC, appeared to save the day. The background singer, as played by Martin, was late because he was assembling a "vertical shelf." Martin has a great deadpan quality, but even he has a hard time keeping a straight face towards the end of his songs.

Martin's comic timing is great, and it's a fresh way to view him considering a lot of Coldplay's songs can be on the melancholy side. If the band breaks up, it's good to know he has a future in improv!

Watch Coldplay's Chris Martin on 'Saturday Night Live's'  'Weekend Update'