When it comes to our holiday naughty-or-nice shopping list, we probably don't need to tell you where Donald Trump falls on the list. But what about The Donald's list? Who is on his nice list? His naughty list? Thanks to a new skit from Saturday Night Live's December 5 episode, now we know.

The show kicked off its episode last night with a special holiday cold open from none other than Donald and Melania Trump—or cast-members Taran Killam and Cecily Strong—going over the GOP frontrunner's picks for naughty and nice.

"It's the holiday season now and I wanna wish everyone out here a Merry Christmas. To the Jews, Happy Hanukkah. To the Muslims, send me your names," says Killam-as-Trump during the opening of the sketch. So, who or what's on Trump's nice list?

"First up, the polls. Very nice... It's starting to sink in people, I'm gonna be president!" Killam-as-Trump gushes, adding, "Next on the list, the nutcracker—by which I mean Hillary Clinton."

What about his naughty list, though? "Mark Zuckerberg—naughty list. You're a billionaire who is giving away almost all of your money to charity! What the hell are you doing, you little nerd?" Trump scolds.

"Finally, Santa... Naughty list. Controversial, I know, but look at the facts," Killam's sour-faced Trump offers, explaining, "This guy is a foreigner who works one day of the year and gives out handouts. He’s worse than Obama! Sorry Santa, I just don’t trust anyone who can fly over a wall."

And there you have it, folks.

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