Something that's become increasingly apparent over the past few weeks is just how impossible it is to not love Taylor Swift. No matter how much you may resist, how much you may think you don't want to, you just can't help but fall for her eventually.

Leave it to the writers at 'Saturday Night Live' to capture this universal feeling of suddenly loving Taylor Swift perfectly (and hilariously). 'SNL' released a sketch playing up the newfound appreciation for the 'Shake It Off' singer, via a parody commercial for 'Swiftamine.' A play on the common cure for motion sickness known as 'dramamine,' Swiftamine is a drug meant to cure the vertigo adults experience when they suddenly realize that, despite having always insisted the opposite, they totally love Taylor Swift.

The video begins: "I heard this new song that I loved. I looked to see who it was, and that’s when the vertigo hit. It was Taylor Swift." Chris Rock goes on to say, in character: "I don’t like Taylor Swift. I know I don’t." Except he definitely does, just like everyone else, and the shock proves to be almost too much. At this point we've come to realize it's Taylor's world -- we're just living in it.

Swifties, what do you think of the parody? Check it out above and let us know!

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