Snoop Dogg is hitting the studio, and not just to cut some new tracks. The rapper is joining forces with CharityBuzz to help raise funding for Urban Growing, an organization dedicated to building gardens in non rural areas and educating people on the benefits of growing their own food.

Fans of the 'Gin and Juice' hitmaker can bid on the chance to sit-in on a studio session with Snoop Dogg. Not only will the highest bidder get to watch Snoop in action, but they will also ride to the studio in what CharityBuzz is calling "a pimped out car" with Snoop himself! We hope the auction winner doesn't mind a lot of smoke, because we definitely foresee a lot of it bellowing around.

In addition to Urban Growing, 10% of the donations will go to the Snoop Youth Football League. The auction is currently at $6,000 and will close on Aug. 3 at 3PM EDT. For those who have the money and wish to place a bid, click here to head over to the auction page on CharityBuzz. Remember, this is the chance of a lifetime and it's for a good cause!

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