Snoop Dogg's latest release, 'Boom,' made its way to radio on Friday -- and with T-Pain and a room full of ladies, it's slated to be the next club hit.

Snoop boasts that he is "top dog" in this song, but we know his bark is bigger than his bite. 'Boom' samples Yaz's 'Situation' and Snoop's ego, like in this confident verse:

"I'm in the game for real / It pays to chill / I walk in the club and they front the bill / I'm the big dog, best beware / You're coming with me if you stop and stare"

Snoop reminds us that "ain't a damn thing changed" because it's "still a G-thing," and we especially love T-Pain's catchy contribution to the chorus as he warns us to beware of the Dogg.

'Boom' is the follow-up to the album's premiere one-word single, 'Wet.' The music video for will make its debut on Tuesday, March 8.

'Boom' appears on Snoop's upcoming 21-track album, 'Doggumentary,' which drops March 29.

Listen to Snoop Dogg, 'Boom' Feat. T-Pain