Snoop Dogg is looking to be the next Bill Cosby. The legendary rhyme-slinger is developing a family-oriented sitcom with veteran television producer Don Reo.

According to Deadline, Snoop will play the leading role of the father on the show, which is still in development, for Warner Bros. This would be a good look for the Doggfather, who is no stranger to television. His TV credits include guest appearances on shows such as 'Monk,' 'The Bernie Mac Show,' 'The L Word' and 'Brothers,' which Reo produced.

Snoop recently starred his own E! reality show 'Snoop Dogg's Father Hood,' which documented his family life with his wife and three kids. So being a father in a fictional series wouldn't be too far of a stretch for the rapper-actor. No word on who will portray his television wife or his children.

On top of his acting gig, Snoop also recently tried to appoint himself as the new CEO of Yahoo, but was quickly rejected. With this acting gig under his belt in addition to his music career, we think Snoop will do just fine without Yahoo. Go get your paper, S-to-the-Dizzle. For rizzle.