Justin Bieber's upcoming Comedy Central roast is all most of the entertainment world could talk about for a while. And although quite a few of the show's jokes made their way onto the Internet, we had yet to get much video footage from the roast -- until now. A video of Snoop Dogg telling some politically incorrect jokes about Justin hit the Internet today (March 25) just a few days ahead of the roast's official March 30 airing.

The NSFW clip itself clocks in at a super short 30 seconds, and sees Snoop telling two different jokes -- one about abortion and one about Usher. It's uncomfortable to watch, and while Justin -- who is seen sitting off to the side with his hair slicked back, wearing a bold blue suit -- attempts to take it all in stride, we have to admit he looks a little uncomfortable, too. Not that we blame him. Check out the clip above to see what we mean, but be warned: it contains some pretty offensive material, as most roasts do.

We can't help but wonder if Justin's going to re-watch the show when it airs on Monday March 30, in the comfort of his own home. The good news is he now has a puppy that can cuddle alongside him or hang out in the crook of his arm, in case any part of the segment brings up bad memories. The photo Justin posted on Instagram is the cutest thing we've seen in a really long time, so we're eternally grateful he chose to share it with the rest of the world.

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