Last night, March 29, Snoop Dogg celebrated the release of his 11th studio album, 'Doggumentary,' by hitting the stage in NYC at 'Live on Letterman.' Snoop and his full backing band played more than 10 songs, bringing a nice balance to the set list as they performed tracks from the rapper's brand new album, as well as a few of his classic crowd-pleasers. The rapper also had country superstar Willie Nelson join him onstage for a duet!

The crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater waited in anticipation for Snoop's arrival onstage, and when the lights in the studio dimmed, everyone had their eyes fixed upon the stage. However, Snoop changed it up, and the lights turned back on to reveal the rapper entering the theater though the back door, weaving through fans as he made his way towards his band.

Snoop performed several tracks off of 'Doggumentary,' including 'Platinum,' which channels Snoop's gangster roots and features R. Kelly on the album, his sexual slow jam 'Wet,' and his latest dance-inducing hit 'Boom,' which features T-Pain. One interesting thing we noticed was that Snoop sang along with the backing track of T-Pain's vocals on 'Boom,' making the high-energy song even more fun to watch. A guy in a dog suit also came out onstage during one of Snoop's new songs, wearing a T-shirt that paid tribute to Snoop's cousin Nate Dogg, who recently passed away.

Snoop also performed some of his huge hits from over the years, including 'Drop It Like It's Hot' and 'Gin and Juice.' Before he started rapping 'Gin and Juice,' Snoop took the time to pose for a photo with a young kid who was in the audience. He then laughingly told the kid that he was about to play a song that came out when he wasn't even born.

As the beat from 'Gin and Juice' kicked in, everyone in the audience began screaming and rapping along with Snoop. The same thing goes for 'Drop It Like It's Hot,' as Snoop got the crowd going by yelling, "What's my motherf----- name?!?" to which the crowd mimicked Pharrell in the original version, singing, "Snooooooo-oop!" as a trio of female backup dancers dropped it down low behind the rapper.

Snoop then introduced a very special guest of honor, who is "a true legend and someone who smokes more than me." Snoop then yelled into his diamond-encrusted 'Snoop Dogg' bling mic, "my brother from another mother ... Willie Nelson!" The country superstar walked out onstage, and the duo performed Nelson's song 'Superman,' which appears as a collaboration track on Snoop's latest LP. Nelson also told a charming stoner story of how Snoop immediately hopped a plane to meet the singer-songwriter in Amsterdam.

As the show came to a close, both Nelson and Snoop allowed some fans to come onstage for some pictures. Nelson then walked offstage, and Snoop rapped a little ditty about saying goodbye. It seemed like the rapper wanted the show to keep going. However, we are willing to place a bet that the show's end was bittersweet for the rapper, since Nelson was undoubtedly waiting backstage for Snoop to partake in a celebratory smoke.