It's looks like Snoop Dogg's smoking habits have gotten him into trouble with the Lebanese authorities. TMZ is reporting that the Doggfather is being accused of lighting up a blunt during a 2009 after-party in Beirut, Lebanon, where marijuana is illegal.

According to concert promoter Roger Kalaouz, who booked the show, authorities caught wind of Snoop's weed-smoking activities and launched a criminal investigation into his company, which has ruined his reputation. So now Kalaouz is threatening to sue Snoop for monetary damages.

Kalaouz plans to enter into evidence a music video called 'That's Tha Homie,' which apparently features a scene from the concert where Snoop can allegedly be seen puffing on something. In addition, Kalaouz also claims that Snoop promised he could be the rapper’s exclusive Middle East promoter, but after Kalaouz started booking shows, he reneged on the deal.

Kalaouz has sent letters to Snoop's peoples demanding more than $280,000 in damages and asking that Snoop fulfill his promise of performing two concerts in the Middle East. So far, no response.

Snoop Dogg's reps had no comment on the matter.

Watch the Snoop Dogg 'That's Tha Homie' Video