Snoop Dogg had a run-in with the border police in Norway last Friday and he sent out a distress call to his followers on Twitter. While the veteran rhyme-slinger was traveling to Olso for an autograph signing at an Adidas store, authorities stopped him for carrying too much cash, reports Express.

No word on how much currency Snoop Dogg was carrying, but it must have been hefty for the police to question him about it. "At the norway border right now being sweated for havin 2much money!!" he tweeted. He then added, "Norway standup 4 the biggdogg the border guys r cool but they talkn bout [takin] my $$!! That aint rite!! Norway standup 4 the biggdogg!! they [makin] me late 4 this adidas instore autograph signin!"

Snoop was eventually allowed to enter Norway and he apologized to his fans for being tardy to his autograph session. "Shout out to all 600 fans in Oslo who waited all day at the adidas instore signing," he barked.

The Doggfather is no stranger of getting stop by border police. After a three-year battle, Snoop was reinstated last year to travel across the pond after a UK Border Agency banned him from Britain because of his 2006 arrest stemming from a brawl with police at a London airport. After a tribunal hearing, a panel of judges overturned the ban, much to the chagrin of the Border Agency.