Veteran rapper Snoop Dogg has took it upon himself to remix Rihanna's guitar-charged ballad 'California King Bed' for his new video, which he retitled 'California King.' This might be an excellent way for Snoop to persuade RiRi to record an actual remix and get him to spit bars on the track.

The low-budget clip, directed by Dah-Dah, features the Doggfather as Jimmy Bones chillin' on the hotel balcony smoking on a blunt as he thinks about his long-distance lover. There's a split screen that separates him and his bosomy girlfriend who is slithering all over a California king-size bed pining for Mr. Bones.

"Kiss and tell / I need your touch / I'm all alone puffing on a blunt / I guess I need to leave you / But I know I won't / Frequently sleep with me / Creep with me, spend a week with me in paradise," Snoop raps to his lover on the phone.

The only time we see Rihanna is on a flat-screen TV, which is playing her original 'California King Bed' video. All and all, it's not a bad clip. Could it have been better? Sure, if Hype Williams was behind the lens. But let's not be so judgmental about the video and simply enjoy the visuals.

Watch the Snoop Dogg 'California King' Video Feat. Rihanna