The news that Snoop Dogg was working on a track with Charlie Sheen was one of the strangest things we've heard in awhile. Now, that the result of that collaboration has been released ... Well, it still doesn't make much sense.

But it might get stuck in your head for a day or two.

Carmen Electra, fiance of Filter guitarist Rob Patterson, opens the track by asking, "Good evening, Mr. Sheen. Are you ... Winning?"

Before the embattled actor actor can reply, Snoop says, "No, he's smokin' right now."

Then comes Sheen's voice, altered beyond recognition, repeating the word "winning," which continues for most of the track's three minutes.

Unfortunately, that's Sheen's only apparent contribution to the song. Patterson's rock-influenced beats are the highlight of the track, while Snoop only partially succeeds in his attempt to add memorable rhymes: "Winning is all we know / Winning is all we do / We win, win, win / Nothin' to it but to do it."

Aside from its Sheen references, the lyrics are pretty much standard hip-hop fare, with plenty of braggadocio and swagger.

Snoop has always been one of the few hip-hop stars willing to show off his sense of humor. And his latest album, 'Doggumentary,' hasn't made much of an impact, so why not team up with Sheen for a novelty song?

If this track had nothing to do with Sheen, we'd be praising Snoop for branching out and adding futuristic rock elements to his sound. If he and Patterson had chosen to really get serious, they might've been onto something.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to Snoop Dogg, 'Winning' Feat. Charlie Sheen