Son Ho Young's tragic suicide of his girlfriend hit the G.O.D. singer hard -- too hard. Following the death of his girlfriend, K-Pop sensation Young attempted suicide himself.

K-Pop Starz reports that Young tried to kill himself the same way his girlfriend did -- by igniting a coal briquette inside a car and inhaling the fumes, which are potent with carbon monoxide.

Young's management said in a statement, "Son Ho Young will need to be hospitalized for two to four days. Although there is no damage to his health, he is in a very fragile state of mind and needs to find stability."

Gangnam police are essentially finished investigating the death of Young's girlfriend, which arguably drove his attempt to take his own life. The cause of death was listed as "a briquette, an empty bottle of sleeping pills and a suicide note was discovered in the car ... Specific final results will take about one to two weeks more but as it was suspected, it seems the deceased committed suicide. The investigation is virtually over."

Our thoughts are with Young and his loved ones during this difficult time.