Warning: You won't be able to watch BLEAUX's 'All Messed Up' video just once. Between the insanely catchy beat and playful graphics, the visual is an experience. It's a sensory overload in the best sort of way -- and that's exactly what lead singer Sohanny wants.

When it came to shooting the video, Sohanny reveals BLEAUX enlisted artist/designer Curly V to take their vision and run with it.

"We were actually working on the song when his name came up and I checked out all of his stuff and fell in love with it. I mean, he’s the protégé of [photographer] David LaChapelle and [fashion designer] Jeremy Scott," Sohanny tells PopCrush. "His whole concept and the way he works I fell in love with, so when I actually met him, the overall aesthetics of his work, I knew immediately I wanted to collaborate with him. He is an amazing, amazing artist... We knew before we met Curly that we did want to make it more of a stop animation kind of video. A feel of 'you can do it yourself.' That people can actually put their ideas and their thoughts into a form of art, and that’s what Curly V was able to do for us."

Filming the 'All Messed Up' video was an experience within itself. Capturing the stop-animation technique required a lot of stamina -- and thousands of photographs!

"We had this fabulous idea of doing stop-animation video, but I had never really done it myself so I got in there and [Curly V] was like, 'OK, bounce! Jump! Now jump the other direction,' Sohanny says with a laugh. "I mean, there were over 2,000 photographs that were taken and that were put into this video... It’s not as fun and exciting as doing a video that’s different settings all the time. Really, we just changed the backdrop and we took a bunch of pictures. It was a lot of fun though because Curly kept the energy going and we did have our music going in the background. After a while, you just pray and hope that all of your ideas are able to come together into one video. And it did, so we’re very happy about that."

Watch BLEAUX's 'All Messed Up' Video

Chatting with Sohanny, it's easy to see where the band draws its energy. The lead singer is dedicated to giving fans a true experience, while also inspiring them to consistently push themselves. It's a lead-by-example model that is reflected in the origin of their appropriately unique moniker.

"BLEAUX is one of those names where people are going to hear it and they’re going to have a different idea in their head of what it means," Sohanny explains. "To me, it just means to go hard. To go all out and to go as hard as you possibly can and never give less than 1000 percent. To kick life in the balls -- excuse my French -- each and every time. To know that you have the ability to get up even stronger if you fall. So basically, go all out in everything that you do in life and be genuine, be yourself."

For Sohanny, embracing her personality also means taking a laidback approach to fashion. Her biggest style rule? There are no rules.

"To me, sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin," Sohanny says. "I love a lot of the high fashion stuff, a lot of the Burberry delicate lace tops that I can pair up with a really fitted pencil skirt for the evening or maybe a high-waisted pant, but when it comes to rocking out on stage, there’s nothing like feeling comfortable in your own skin and all of the stuff I pretty much style myself."

Like the 'All Messed Up' video, there's elements of DIY in Sohanny's style.

"I’m all about, I love all of the vintage stuff. I like taking shirts and ripping them up and making my own thing of it," she continues. "If I rip a nylon or a pair of tights, I try and make art with it the best I can. I’m like, 'Well, it’s missing one on the other side, so let’s open up another little hole and to balance it out.' And that’s the kind of stuff that I get to rock out on stage that I absolutely love. Like I said, there’s no rules. It’s kind of like music, it’s kind of like dancing. It’s being creative. Don’t even hold back and just allow yourself to be. As long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, people will get that from you. It’s real."

And speaking of rocking out on stage, Sohanny guarantees that fans at a BLEAUX show are in for an experience.

"You’ll get to hear some electric shock waves and lightening bolts from the stage from all of the energy flying off the stage," she promises. "And our live show is really our record on steroids... It might not be the kind of genre of music that you’re into, but if you leave one of our shows, you’re going to say “What was that?” and then we’ve done our job."

Although she does caution one thing: "You’ll probably walk out with a bangover the next day from all the head-banging."

Wait, a "bangover"? Yep, that would be a term coined by one of Sohanny's drummers to describe the residual effects of rocking out.

"I woke up the next day after a long day of rehearsals and my neck was killing me, and I’m like, 'Oh, my god, I can’t move. What’s going on?'” she recalls. "And he’s like, 'Make sure you stretch. That’s called a classic bangover.' And it’s the one thing that we don’t mind. If you don’t have a bangover, then you haven’t really rocked out."

Don't worry -- Sohanny offers up a classic bangover remedy to use after attending a BLEAUX show.

"A nice hot shower the next day and you’ll be good to go," she says. "Take a little Advil at night and a nice hot shower then next morning, and you’ll be fine."