Occasionally, less is more -- such is the case with our list of the 10 Best Solo Dance Music Videos. When it comes to performing a great choreographed routine, incorporating backup dancers is usually a no brainer -- however, there are some instances when it's all about the star, and those moments are some of the most memorable. On this list, PopCrush pays tribute to best solo dance routines in music videos. From Michael Jackson's (he appears twice on our list) natural, groovable dance moves in videos like 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' to Robyn and Beyonce dancing their lovestruck hearts out, the artists in these videos don't need help from nobody! Check out our list of the 10 Best Solo Dance Music Videos and remember: there's no shame in dancing on your own!

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    Britney Spears

    Back in 2000, Britney Spears released her single 'Stronger' and a striking yet extremely cheesy video to go along with it. The overall plot in the 'Stronger' video is weak, but the chair dance will forever be remembered as one of Britney Spears' finest dance moments.

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    'Call Your Girlfriend'


    Robyn might not be the next Chris Brown, but the energy and raw emotion that is exerted into her cathartic 'Call Your Girlfriend' solo dance gives us chills. You can tell Robyn is pouring every ounce of her soul into her movements in the video, cementing a spot on our 10 Best Solo Dance Music Videos list.

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    'I'm Glad'

    Jennifer Lopez

    In this music video from 2003, Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to the 20th anniversary of the famous 1983 dance flick 'Flashdance.' J. Lo knows what it's like to be a struggling dancer, so it must've been a real treat for her to portray Alex Owens during the super sexy solo dance scenes in the David LaChappelle-directed video.

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    'Virtual Insanity'


    Now, treadmills might not seem too futuristic right now, but back in 1997 when Jamiroquai dropped their 'Virtual Insanity' video, it was pretty amazing. The special effects weren't even the best part, however. Lead singer Jay Kay truly brought this video to new heights with his smooth and sensual dance moves.

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    'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough'

    Michael Jackson

    While the background might seem a bit outdated, Michael Jackson proves that his signature dance moves will never die in the 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' video. At one point, Jackson clones himself and there are MJ triplets grooving along to the beat. Nobody makes a better backup dancer for MJ than the King of Pop himself.

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    'Deja Vu'

    Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z

    Beyonce turns into a crazed tribal dancer in her 'Deja Vu' video. Queen Bey's madly in love, and her quick, ferocious choreography reflects the songstress' passion and her "can't eat, can't sleep" state of mind. Beyonce has proven time and time again that she can still make jaws drop all by her lonesome.

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    Ciara Feat. Ludacris

    Make sure you have a towel on standby, because you might start sweating after watching Ciara's sexed up solo dance party in her 'Ride' video. Ciara winds and grinds it by herself as she sings about kinky bedroom activities in this clip. We're surprised Luda didn't fall over after watching Ciara's erotic choreography.

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    'Pleasure Principle'

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson perfects the art of the solo studio dance in her 'Pleasure Principle' music video. While she may not be the most acclaimed dancer of the Jackson clan, she definitely gives her brother Michael a run for his money. This old-school video from Ms. Jackson is one of her most iconic and unforgettable clips.

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    'Weapon of Choice'

    Fatboy Slim

    Fatboy Slim's visual for 'Weapon Choice' is arguably one of the best music videos of all time. Why, you ask? Two words: Christopher Walken. The Oscar-winning actor shows he can cut a rug and then some, landing this Spike Jonze-directed clip at No. 2 on our Best 10 Solo Dance Music Videos list.

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    'Billie Jean'

    Michael Jackson

    OK, so we know we included two Michael Jackson videos on our list, but considering he is one of the most influential dance figures of all time, we figured we would let it slide. 'Billie Jean' takes the No. 1 on our Best Solo Dance Music Videos list because it is ground-breaking, not only because of the visual effects, but because it displays MJ's growth as a dancer and his move into his King of Pop status. His pelvis thrusts, quick steps and twirls in the 'Billie Jean' video will always be a huge part of pop culture.