OoOoOoOh, Britney Spears is BACK! Resident Britney stan Bradley Stern shares all of his "Make Me"-related thoughts, and Team PopCrush weighs the relative merits of the other single that dropped that day, Katy Perry's Olympics anthem "Rise."

Next up, we discuss the Snap-shots heard 'round the world: Kim Kardashian's Snapchat reveal of the storied "Famous" phone conversation between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, and Taylor's somewhat slippery attempts to justify her original story. Will this bring down the pop princess in the eyes of the public? Are they both in on it? And is Taylor's squad helping or hurting the cause?

And just in case that story is TOO substantive for you, we close with a brief recap of that time Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid fought during a recent Sharknado! interview.

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