Christopher Spencer's 'Son of God,' a standalone film loosely based on 'The Bible' miniseries and comprised of some of the actual and deleted scenes, will hit the multiplex on Feb. 28 of next year. But the action-packed trailer for the New Testament-centered film features a prominent and powerful song amid famous stories from that section of the good book. What is it?

The song you hear at the 1:30 mark is 'Soul of a Man' by Steven Stern, featuring George Krikes. The song is an American classic, a bluesy lament released back in 1930 by gospel great Blind Willie Johnson.

The film is an epic, filmed in exotic locations with arresting visuals and a Hans Zimmer score. Diogi Morgado plays Jesus in the film, which follows the Biblical icon from birth through his crucifixion and resurrection. So yes, it's essentially a film about the New Testament aka JC's life.