Tina Turner first had a go at 'Don't Turn Around' in 1986 -- a full year before Swedish pop group Ace of Base was even formed and almost a decade before they took the song to No. 4 on the pop charts.

Written by Diane Warren and Albert Hammond, 'Don't Turn Around' was first included as a B-side for Turner's hit 'Typical Male.' However, it was never included on any of Turner's albums (save a rarities disc years later), and prolific hitmaker Warren was reportedly pretty unhappy about that. In the ensuring years, several other artists covered the song with varying degrees of success, including Neil Diamond, who had a Top 20 Adult Contemporary hit with the track in 1992.

Two years later, Ace of Base switched up the key and released 'Don't Turn Around' themselves. Their rendition made the Top 5 on the U.S. Hot 100, and charted well in almost a dozen other countries too. It's been covered a few more times since (including once in Spanish), but it's the Ace of Base single that continues to be the version most people know best.

Listen to Ace of Base's Version of 'Don't Turn Around'

Listen to Tina Turner's Version of 'Don't Turn Around'