Sophia Grace's 'Best Friends' music video will make you want to be her bestie.

The spunky, 11-year-old Brit -- famous for her segments on 'Ellen' with her younger cousin Rosie -- just dropped our next slumber party anthem. The super colorful music vid (it's like a Lisa Frank party without actual Lisa Frank merch) features the pre-teen doing typical tween stuff like dancing around with her friends, trying on makeup and clothes, and even hitting up Kmart to cause some ruckus.

Besides the fact that the vid is kind of adorable, we're totally digging the song's empowering lyrics.

"When stupid boys come around, me and my girl shut 'em down," Sophia sings on the seriously addictive track, which is clearly going to be our new fave line to use all of the time.

"I'm your number one girl, I'm your best friend," she raps, emphasizing the importance of loyalty. "And I'll always be there right to the end. Sophia Grace got your back, just know that. And that's the reason I'm rapping on this hot track."

Check out Sophia Grace's 'Best Friends' music vid above!