Everyone's favorite British divas Sophia Grace and Rosie debuted their brand new rap song on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Song.' While they ladies are known for their cover of Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass,' they are also capable of rocking originals. We can't even call them divas-in-training at this point. The gals are full-fledged divas.

The little princesses had their choreographed moves down, with Sophia Grace taking it to the next level, shaking her little ballerina skirt to add a little flair to her performance. They are total mini Minajs and can you just say that we love how Rosie is the little sidekick. She may take the more passive role in this pairing, but she is just as adorbs as the more gregarious Sophia Grace.

We love the dancing and the singing, but it's those darling accent that totally melt our hearts. Don't you want to scoop them up and tuck them into your pocket?

Ellen gifted the girls with a set of pink luggage to use on their way back to England. They squealed with delight over their new pink carry ons.

Watch Sophia Grace + Rosie Perform New Song