'Super Bass' isn't the only tune Sophia Grace Brownlee has hidden up her sleeve! The tutu-wearing 8-year-old made yet another appearance on her girl Ellen Degeneres' talk show, and alongside her 5-year-old backup dancing cousin Rosie, the little Brit tore through Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' without a single misstep.

Seriously, Sophia Grace really impressed us this time around. She kept up with Nicki Minaj's pace throughout the entire song, and even threw in some of that sassy, Harajuku Barbie attitude during certain points. Rosie is also really growing more comfortable in the spotlight! Even though Rosie didn't sing or rap with her big cousin, she did bust out some entertaining dance moves while looking absolutely adorable in her pink, orange and yellow ballerina princess getup.

Can these little girls please receive a small round of applause? We really think Sophia Grace is a born star, and we really hope this isn't a cutesy gimmick that fade with time. Anybody who can rap like that at the age of 8, whether they wrote the rhymes or just memorized them from the radio, deserves some serious props!

Watch Sophia Grace + Rosie Perform 'Moment 4 Life' on 'Ellen'