Rapper Soulja Boy is really tellin' all the US troops what he really thinks about the armed forces. In a new video, the 21-year-old rapper plugs his social networking sites for about 30 seconds before ripping into the actual soldiers that defend our country. Now, two army veterans are lashing out at the rapper for his blatant disrespect.

At around :40 seconds into his 'Let's Be Real' video, the man who became famous for 'Superman-ing h--s' in his track 'Crank That,' raps "F--- the FBI and f--k all the army troops / fightin' for what / b---h be your own man."

TMZ spoke to retired Marine Fred A. Flores about his thoughts on the harsh song lyric. Flores, who is also commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission, said, "It's a very offensive statement ... Especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up." Flores went on to pan the rapper, calling the rapper "ungrateful" and saying, "He should apologize to ALL armed forces."

We have to agree with Flores. The line really makes no sense, with Soulja Boy failing to offer up any real explanation as to why he is dissing the Army (and the FBI). It is obvious that the rapper, who hasn't produced a big hit since 2007, is desperately trying to gain some attention, even if it's bad attention.

In addition to Flores' comments, another veteran who just happens to be a rapper himself, Sgt. Dunson, fired back at Soulja Boy with his own diss track 'Change Your Name.' He also told TMZ that Soulja Boy's offensive lyric is "the most ignorant thing I've heard in so long." Dunson is also starting a petition to have Soulja Boy's music banned from all army bases, and he appears to be getting a lot of support.

What do you think? Is Soulja Boy's lyric disrespectful and a desperate act to stir up some controversy, or is it his right to voice his personal opinions, even if some people find them to be offensive?

Listen to Soulja Boy Diss the US Army in 'Let's Be Real'