Even though we are living in a recession, some people just got it like that -- or do they? According to TMZ, rapper Soulja Boy reportedly dropped a whopping $55 million on a private jet. Why? We guess he's tired of riding in coach like us normal folks.

An associate on the Atlanta native's management team revealed to the gossip website that the G5 jet was a birthday present to himself since he officially turned 21 on Thursday (July 28).

The luxury jet's price tag was $35 million but another $20 million was spent for amenities like twelve custom Italian leather seats, four liquor bars, several flat-screen television sets, Brazilian hardwood cabinets and a partridge in a pear tree (we're joking).

And that's not all! The birthday boy is also remodeling the jet's exterior with his 'S.B.' logo on it, as well as replacing the in-flight lavatory with a luxurious bathroom.

But no, that's not all! Souja Boy is also throwing himself a $300,000 birthday bash at a Miami nightclub tonight, July 29. His buddies Sean Kingston and Bow Wow are among the A-List partygoers expected to attend and will most likely ask him if he has lost his damn mind.

What makes this story even more befuddling is that Soulja Boy is only worth $6 million, if we are to believe Forbes magazine. So why would a 21-year-old rapper spend his entire fortune on an aircraft? We are in complete bewilderment.

Hey Soulja Boy, can we borrow a dollar?

[UPDATE (July 30)]: The TMZ story was totally bogus. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

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