For a town that's as secluded as South Park, Colorado, it's certainly made a lot of noise over the past 18 years.

The Comedy Central cartoon that's mocked Lorde, Selena Gomez and Bill Cosby in recent seasons kept its aim steady over the the Hollywood zeitgeist on Wednesday night's (September 23) episode, and thrust GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner onto its roller coaster ride of ridicule.

In the episode, called "Where My Country Gone?," teacher Mr. Garrison canvasses for the construction of a wall that would effectively block Canadians from entering the country (an unfortunately familiar concept, albeit a little further north). It seems the newly elected Canadian president—who was brash, outrageous and ultimately useless—had driven faithful citizens out. He'd been a source of entertainment through the country's election, a recovering Canadian noted in the episode, but his momentum ultimately lead to a real election, and once he assumed office, Canada was reduced to absolute ruin and chaos.

Hmm...sound familiar (except for the eventual Armageddon)?

The Trump-but-not-necessarily-Trump character gets his kicks telling his cabinet members to "suck my balls" while dancing around his office to antiquated pop hits. Here's hoping we're not looking into a crystal ball, ladies and gents...

Oh, and Jenner was featured as a driver who routinely drove over pedestrians, a likely allusion to the former Olympian's real-life court case encompassing a fatal accident in which she was involved. And, if you're wondering if her alter-ego said "Buckle up, buckaroo" before getting behind the wheel, then you are, indeed, correct. Yiiiiikes.

Did you catch the episode? What did you think?

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