If you've been obsessing over The Weeknd's sultry Fifty Shades of Grey hit "Earned It" just as much as we have, then wait until you hear Spencer Sutherland's version of the track!

Keeping with the Fifty Shades theme, Sutherland's cover video is shot entirely in black and white, and the smokin' hot singer-songwriter looks insanely dapper in a white blazer as he croons the seductive song from an Old Hollywood-esque loveseat. Five seconds into the video and we're already calling it a win-win.

Of course, Sutherland isn't just easy on the eyes (though we have to admit we're drooling over his messy-chic hair), he also has a killer voice that fits perfectly with his stripped-down cover.

"You deserve it, the way you work it," he passionately belts out from the couch, giving the camera a swoon-worthy once-over as a slow grin spreads across his face. "You've earned it." Add to that the John Mayer-esque electric guitar licks and Sutherland has totally won us over with the cover. Basically, Spencer Sutherland is like the Christian Grey of music in this video, and we are certainly not complaining.

"'Earned It' is such a dope song, I just had to cover it!" Spencer Sutherland tells PopCrush. "The Weeknd has such a cool and unique style I really respect!"

And thanks to Spencer Sutherland's cover, we can now enjoy two totally slick versions of the sultry song.

Check out Spencer Sutherland's "Earned It" cover video above. Your ears (and eyes) will be happy you did.