‘Rise Above 1,’ the lead single from the spider-ific 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' soundtrack gets music video treatment; and while the video itself is not as mind-blowing as the trailer for the new upcoming big screen adaptation, we give U2 and the 'Spider-Man' cast brownie points for trying to keep this musical afloat and in the press.

Honestly nothing really happens much in the video for a song that moved us from the get-go. As expected, 'Spiderman' star Reeve Carney shares the screen with U2 giants Bono and The Edge, while we get splices of behind-the-scenes footage of dance rehearsals, fighting scenes, and studio appearances mixed in with skyscraper shots and what appears to be a igloo makeshift with punctured holes emitting sunlight.

Whatever the case is, our point is that the trio's 'American Idol' debut -- where they performed onstage while 'Spiderman' did a trapeze act over the audience -- was much more exciting than this. The vid was a bit sentimental, but that's about it.

However, we do have to point out that a Broadway musical got a music video, which you can admit doesn't ever really happen these days. Maybe they will set a new trend?

Watch the ‘Rise Above 1’ Music Video for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'