Jake Lloyd, who played young Anakin Skywalker in 1999's Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, was arrested after a crazy car chase.

TMZ reported that 26-year-old Lloyd was driving in Charleston, S.C. when the police started "pursuing him." Lloyd didn't stop so the chase went on for miles and even into another county.

Sheriff's deputies said that he was driving recklessly and crossing double yellow lines in order to pass cars.

Eventually Lloyd reportedly lost control of the vehicle and drove off the road then through a fence and into the woods. He finally stopped when he got stuck amongst numerous trees. He was then arrested for "reckless driving, failure to stop, resisting arrest and driving without a license." He is currently in custody.

Lloyd is best known for his role as Anakin in The Phantom Menace, where he coincidentally races in one of the film's epic scenes. (Click here if you need a little reminder.)

He also starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1996's Jingle All the Way.

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