'American Idol' Season 10 contestant Stefano Langone returned to his former stomping grounds tonight (April 26), performing his new single 'I'm on a Roll' on the Top 6 elimination/results episode.

Dressed in a black outfit and cherry red sneakers while surrounded by a troupe of dancers, Langone belted out his upbeat song, and you could hear the chorus of female screams as he did his thing. He is an incredibly good looking young man with a unique voice and semi-throwback style, so it's understandable why the ladies would gravitate towards him.

Langone was having a great time on that stage, especially when he dropped back and danced with his crew. The choreography mid-song was incredible. Who knew Langone could dance as well as he sings? He put a lot of thought, effort and practice in this number and we loved it. He always had a big and believable voice, but he showed off a flashier side of himself with this performance. We hope the single takes off for Langone. He is a true talent.

As he sang the final notes, glitter poured down from the sky (well, the rigging above the stage if you want to get technical), coating the singer, who flashed a million dollar smile.

Watch Stefano Langone Perform 'I'm on a Roll'