Funnyman Stephen Colbert, along with all-girl goth outfit the Black Belles, released the new song 'Charlene II (I'm Over You)' via Third Man Records (which is owned and operated by former White Strips mainman Jack White). It's a rock 'n' roll scorcher, but it's also an homage to stalking the one you are no longer with. It's hilarious and in typical Colbert fashion.

No, Colbert can't sing, so he adopts a monotone, adenoidal sing-talk style that reminds us of Les Claypool from alt rock band Primus when he sings, "I am finished looking through your door / Won't check your mailbox anymore." Yeah, that's why we definitely do not believe him when he says he is over Charlene, the unfortunate object of his affections! He even says he has to sell his telephoto lens and won't watch her "cook dinner while perched in your sycamore tree." Only Colbert can make something so creepy into something so funny.

He engages in a talking manifesto, at about 1:53 in, saying that he will disappear from her life, but "If you need to reach me / My email is still the same." Ah, how some people just don't get it. That's why the song is so freakin' funny.

Overall, the song is very rock 'n' roll, and would be just decent as a song if it wasn't a jokey, thanks to its thumping bass and riffs. There's even a whistling mid-section we could do without, but you will have a chuckle, thanks to the always-funny Colbert. Fans of Colbert can purchase the song here.

Listen to Stephen Colbert & The Black Belles, 'Charlene II (I'm Over You)'