R&B boy band Stereo Hogzz dressed to the nines for tonight's performance on 'X Factor.' The five gents looked dapper, sporting suits, ties, vest and expensive (looking) shoes. They were quite a batch of debonair gentlemen.

One member dedicated the song to his newborn daughter, who turned a month old on the day of this particular performance. If that wasn't subtle emotional blackmail, which we absolutely condone, since all is fair in love and reality talent competitions, we don't know what else is! It's as if he was saying he's got a mouth to feed, and why not remind the judges that they can help him and his band support themselves and their families by pushing them through to the next round so they can attempt to make a living off their talent.

The Hogzz are a modern version of Boyz II Men, and they have style and substance, image and talent.

The quintet performed a well-choreographed version of the standard 'Cry Me a River.' They certainly stepped it up from last time, but the judges still felt they were a wee bit inconsistent. At least they took the advice the judges dispensed during the audition rounds when we first met them, which was to take things up a notch.