The guys in Stereo Hogzz had a lot on the line by auditioning for 'X Factor,' but one member of the fivesome had much more at stake with this performance. He became a father to a baby girl the morning of the group's audition! He was all smiles, saying, "I just want to do it for my child.” Talk about being under a lot of pressure!

When the judges asked Stereo Hoggz about themselves outside of 'X Factor' competition, the proud father came forward and told them his good news. Some dads get to have all the fun.

Stereo Hogzz finally started up into a slower R&B jam with one of the members coming forward and leading the vocals. We know this group will be a bunch of lady killers! The audience ate it up as Stereo Hogzz ran through their perfectly manicured performance, complete with choreography. As the judging began, Simon Cowell said, “It’s got this air of being over-rehearsed.” Ouch.

But Nicole Scherzinger came to their rescue, saying she appreciated that they obviously put in a lot of hard work before coming to their audition. And even though Mr. Cowell made one of his signature snide remarks, the Stereo Hogzz of Houston, Texas got a total of eight thumbs up from the judges. Way to make you're little girl proud, Dad!

Watch Stereo Hogzz Audition for 'X Factor'