After Jennifer Lopez shook that famously round booty to her song, 'On the Floor,' on last week's episode of 'American Idol,' Steven Tyler was not about to be upstaged, overshadowed or outdone by his co-judge. Tyler premiered his brand new video for his solo single '(It) Feels So Good' on tonight's episode.

Naturally, the video co-stars a monkey, an elephant and lots of hot girls, because in Steven Tyler's world, this is completely normal. Other Tyler signatures, like the scarf wrapped around his microphone and hippie chic ensembles, were also present and accounted for. Did we mention that lots of hot babes were prancing around? Oh yeah, we did.

This is the most 'pop' that Tyler has ever sounded, as he exercises taut control over his normally bombastic voice through the choruses. It's a bouncy, effervescent song that shows off Tyler's newly-christened role as a pop culture arbiter, and while it's a bit of a far cry from his work in the legendary rock band Aerosmith, it still has Steven Tyler written all over it, in permanent ink.

Other cool touches in the visually compelling clip include melting roses, disco balls and plants, and Tyler playing the bongos on a brunette's curvy backside. Oh Steven -– not Steve, we know, we learned that lesson when J. Lo referred to you as such -- you are still a heartbreaker. And a damn fine singer, to boot.

Watch the Steven Tyler '(It) Feels So Good' Video