While many pop stars have been flashing the middle finger to the camera –- hello Adele and M.I.A. -- our favorite 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler showed off another, very different part of his anatomy at the end of the Top 24 episode of the show tonight (Feb. 23.)

Tyler stripped down to his skivvies after the last safe contestant was revealed, mooned the camera and then hopped into the pool surrounding the stage where he was seated and the singers performed. Hey, if there's a pool there, may as well dive into it! What's the point of a moat around a stage if you can't swim in it. Seems like a waste of H2O.

Of course Tyler's naked rump was censored, since this prime time, family entertainment. Or so we thought. Tyler ignored Jennifer Lopez's protests and went for a swim. It was a rough, emotional episode, where he and his fellow judges dashed dreams, so he needed to cool off and come down.

But did he really need to show off his lily white patoot? Well, that's a whole other argument that will probably begin in the chat rooms of conservatives.

Watch Steven Tyler Moon the Camera on 'American Idol'