Forget his alternately inappropriate, funny, head-scratching comments, non sequiturs and critiques. Forget the drama surrounding his Aerosmith bandmates, who were vocal opponents of him taking the job as a judge on the 10th Season of 'American Idol.'

Forget the rumors of "Will he or won't he perform" on the show. Singer Steven Tyler finally performed on the show's finale, playing piano and singing Aerosmith's power ballad 'Dream On.' He was dressed nicely in a white suit, too. Nice choice, Steven!

Again this song is lyrically appropriate for the show, since 'American Idol' makes dreams come true for future pop stars. While we bet Tyler's bandmates might be pissed at him for performing the song without them, it was a treat to finally watch Tyler do what he does best and that's perform. Sure, we love him for his creepy, questionable commentary, his fabulous, androgynous fashion sense and his courage in taking the job as a judge on the show, but we will always prefer him as a performer.

Oh Steven. You really are dreamy ... Sometimes.

Watch Steven Tyler Perform 'Dream On' on 'American Idol'