Steven Tyler took a nasty tumble in a hotel shower the other night, knocking out some of his teeth. Was he singing and dancing in the shower? Because that sounds like one epic fall. Turns out the 'American Idol' judge and rock star was suffering from dehydration due to a case of food poisoning, which made him woozy and caused him to lose his balance.

Billboard reports (via Associated Press) that Tyler tumbled in Paraguay. He was in town to perform with his band Aerosmith. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and the concert was postponed and is now supposed to take place tonight (Oct. 26). It is the band's first performance in the region.

Tyler, 63, was treated at a local hospital after sustaining cuts to his face. Two dental implants were installed to replace his broken chompers. Tyler is known for his toothy grin, so dealing with a busted grill in a foreign country must have been a real hassle for him. We're glad he was able to be treated right away.

TMZ reports that the singer was suffering from dehydration as a result of food poisoning and that's why he fell in the shower. His manager told the site that Tyler's injuries were minor. He also said that the singer apologizes for the inconvenience that his fall may have caused fans in relation to the concert.

We're glad Steven is okay!