After seeing 'Castaway,' we're confident we could survive on a deserted island. But rather than keeping company with a volleyball known as Wilson, we would love to spend some quality time with one of our fave celebs! Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift?

By now, the whole world is campaigning to be Jennifer Lawrence's best friend. She's hilarious, unfiltered and totally down-to-earth. After conquering the Hunger Games, we feel like J. Law can definitely fend for herself in the wild. You might be sunburned and dehydrated, but at least you won't be bored!

On the other hand, Taylor Swift knows how to take lemons and make bittersweet lemonade. (After all, she's fashioned a career out of singing about heartbreak.) T. Sweezy may seem innocent, but just listening to her rap about her "thug life" convinces us she can take on anything. And wouldn't it be cool to be the one hanging out with Taylor when she writes an album's worth of music about living off the land?

Which celeb would you rather be stranded with? Vote for Jennifer or Taylor below!