How cute are these girls? The winners of PopCrush's Sugarland 'Stuck Like Glue' contest, 21-year-old Courtney Wiesman and her best friend Mary Miller, kept a video diary of their trip to Billings, Mont., where they saw Sugarland perform and later met the duo backstage.

In their video diary, the girls, who won us over with their story and rap skills, take us all the way from the airport terminal up until they meet Sugarland at the very end of the weekend. Over the weekend, the girls took in lots of outdoors activities, including showing off their superior climbing skills (OK, maybe not superior) and taking a 20-mile bike ride! They even spotted some wild buffalo -- err, in their animal crackers box.

As they are about to pull up to RimRock Arena where they saw Sugarland, the girls' excitement is apparent even if you can't see their faces. The duo took plenty of video footage during the concert, and capped off their adorable video with the picture they took with Sugarland.

All of us at PopCrush couldn't imagine a better winning pair!

Watch Courtney and Mary's Video Diary of Their Trip to Meet Sugarland