Ed Sheeran is upping his studio profile. After sharing images while in the studio with Game, Taylor Swift's tourmate and the One Direction collaborator was seen hitting a studio with 1D's Zayn Malik and – get this! - Johnny Depp.

Our favorite ginger kid sure gets around. He's a secret weapon in pop music. But the extent of his collabo with Malik and Depp, if anything, has not been revealed.

All we know is that the threesome was seen at a studio in Los Angeles on Monday, Aug. 19. That's when the world stopped spinning on its axis.

Depp is no stranger to music. He had his own rock band called "P" in the '90s and has collaborated with scare-the-kids shock rocker Marilyn Manson in the past, among others.

But to see him possibly team up with two British national treasures who play pop music? Well, that's something else.

According to The Daily Mail, Sheeran and Depp were spotted at the studio and later, an image that added Malik to the mix popped up on Instagram. That's not Ed, obviously, in the photo below. It's Alexander DeLeon from the band the Cab.

We don't know the details or the particulars of the what and the why, or how deeply or seriously any of these three are involved in doing a song or music together, but we are certainly curious. They may have rocked. They may have hung out. They may have made musical magic.