Kat Graham took a break from letting you put your graffiti on her to hang out with a dance crew in Miami that demonstrated what it means to be 'Supa Dope.' The all-male, shirtless, in-shape and uber talented crew of street dancers got busy with an iPod, a boom box and a camera in this viral video.

The gorgeous Graham sits on the sidelines (actually, she's perched on the curb) enjoying every second of the eye candy in front of her. She looks beyond impressed and is probably borrowing some of the moves she witnessed on the fly.

In this clip, 'Supa Dope' is not just the song title. It's an accurate description of the moves that the boys
without shirts bust while being filmed. Their skills are funky and fresh, just like the song's lyrics suggest. You can see that the dance crew even attracted a small crowd. It was an impromptu dance sesh that made us wish we could cut a rug like these boys.

Kat herself gets in on the fun at about two-and-a-half minutes in. She's in the groove with these sexy men. She doesn't dance on her head like a few of them do, but she does get into it and drops to her knees with grace and poise.

The song appears on Graham's debut EP, 'Against the Wall,' which dropped in the spring.

This clip is supa dope indeed.