Suzanna Choffel's backstory was surprisingly pleasant on 'The Voice.' No sob stories, no depressing statements. It was a refreshing piece from a usually sob-inducing segment.

The 32-year-old teaches music for a living, but not to adults or teens, but to toddlers. "Singing is the freest expression to me," she said during her interview. "I feel like I've worked my butt off. I've educated myself on music, I've educated other people on music."

Choffel's voice was unique and soothing during her performance of Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide;' it even resembled lead singer Stevie Nicks' voice, as Adam Levine said after he turned his chair around. Dressed in a red dress and acoustic guitar in hand, she took a subtle approach to the song, opting to sing it softly with just enough rasp to get Blake Shelton to turn his chair around as well.

Christina and Cee Lo chose not to press their buttons, and as Aguilera said, "I felt like this had Adam and Blake's names written all over it." The girl misses out on some awesome talent, but appreciated Choffel's performance nonetheless.

"She didn't do anything flashy, she let her artistry speak for itself," Shelton said after Choffel left the stage. And perhaps that's why she chose him as her coach.