Producer Swizz Beatz has created some of the biggest hip-hop hits of the past decade, but the sound board isn't his only canvas. It turns out Swizz is a painter too!

Complex posted a video interview in which the beatmaker discusses his love of painting. "I started collecting art when I starting being able to afford it," says Alicia Keys' husband. "I just bought all the canvases, all the paints. And I found out this is really my love. It's like a drug, almost. It's the only time I have by myself when I can just zone out and let my mind flow."

Swizz says he's still a newbie when it comes to painting, but he's already received offers from people who want to buy his art. He says he's critical of himself when he creates: "It's one thing to have something personal for yourself, but you have to take things to the next level when you're showing it to the world, because people need to understand your expression as simple as possible. There's no wrong way of doing art. It's your expression."

Swizz Beatz's latest musical creation, 'Haute Living,' is supposed to see a release later this year. It will include 'Everyday (Coolin'),' a collaboration with Eve.

Watch Swizz Beatz Talk About His Love of Painting