Hitmaker Swizz Beatz is determined to get two of pop music's beautiful voices in the lab to make an historic song together.

Pop divas Adele and Alicia Keys' busy schedule has made it difficult for the meeting to occur sooner, but Swizzy is confident that it will eventually happen. "I just know that you know greatness when you see greatness, and teaming two greats up together, it makes history," he confides to MTV News.

As for what kind of music Swizz is going to create for the duet, the multi-talented producer feels that he doesn't have to touch one knob once the ladies hit the studio. "I don't even have to produce the track," he says. "I just want it to happen. She can produce the track, somebody else can produce the track."

So why is Swizz so obsessed with getting his wife, Keys, and Adele in the booth to record a song? "I just thought that, man, this would be a great moment for both of them, because they have amazing styles and they both respect each other," he explains. "They're fans of each other. So let's make this good for music."

We here at PopCrush think that it's a healthy obsession for Swizzy to have and would love to see these two songbirds in the studio. Hey Swizzy, can we get an invite, please?

Watch Swizz Beats Talk About Adele, Alicia Keys Duet to MTV News