With the music portion of South by Southwest upon us, we asked artists performing at this year’s Austin festivities to share five must-see acts.

American Authors are a Brooklyn-based band comprised of Zachary Barnett, James Adam Shelley, Matt Sanchez and Dave Rublin. They have five performances scheduled at SXSW from March 12-16. Take a look at this Instagram pic for the group's full list of SXSW dates and venues.

When you're not checking out American Authors at SXSW, who else should you be watching? Here are the band's picks for their Top 5 'can't miss' acts, with commentary from the guys.

  • 1

    A Silent Film

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'Harbour Lights'

    We love these Brits. They have an amazing array of songs and a fantastic live show as well. We shared the stage with them on the east coast leg of their American headlining tour. We enjoyed our time together and can't wait to see them rock SXSW.

  • 2

    Gold Fields


    When it comes to "rocking off," nobody does it better than Gold Fields. We really loved the Aussies' tribal beats and live show they delivered on our tour together with A Silent Film. They are definitely a good time. Can't wait to catch them as well.

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    Royal Teeth


    We just had a few shows with this group before landing in Austin. They have a great show, amazing energy and amazing stage presence. Best of all, they are extremely nice people. That's what counts, when the music is as good as the personalities creating it. Definitely a must-see.

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    Ghost Beach


    We saw the birth of this group in Brooklyn shortly after we moved to NYC. Really cool dudes, great tunes, heavy synths and great melodies. They've been having a great few years and we are really excited for them. We are looking forward to seeing them at SXSW. East Coasters for life.

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    We've been great friends with Haerts for a long time. We met Haerts in Boston at school and it's really great that they are taking off right now. Always good to see good friends doing well. We will be catching up with them at SXSW for sure. They are a must-see at the festival.