Charli XCX is certainly making a splash in the pop music scene, whether it's with her own catchy tunes like 'Nuclear,' or other songs she's penned for fellow pop sensations like Icona Pop's 'I Love It.' This girl is locked, loaded and ready to set the music biz a-flame! 

The U.K. native (real name Charlotte Aitchison), will grace Austin with her brand of infectious pop over the course of SEVEN performances this week in anticipation of her debut album 'True Romance,' due out on April 15!

Check out Charli XCXs Top 5 ‘Can’t Miss’ SXSW acts below!

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    Snoop Lion

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'No Guns Allowed'

    To be honest I don't know who WOULDN'T want to see Snoop in his reincarnated form as Snoop Lion. I think his show will be totally amazing. I hope he plays some classics too. But whatever he does will be dope for sure.

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    I've been listening to their songs loads recently. They make me feel so happy. From their videos, I also think they are the best dancers everrrrr -- so I hope they put down their guitars and have a mini freestyle session just for me. Ha. No, but seriously, I love what they're doing. 'Falling' is my new jam!

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    Icona Pop


    We're playing a couple of shows together which will be cool because I haven't seen them in ages. I still haven't seen them perform "I Love It" yet, which I wrote -- so I'm freaking out cause I'm finally gonna get to see it! I know they'll smash it for sure! I've never seen anyone else sing a song I wrote before, so I think it's gonna be a weird but awesome experience.

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    Kendrick Lamar

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'Poetic Justice' Feat. Drake

    I've been listening to his album on repeat for the past week. I think I must have listened to it three times on repeat on the plane. I think it's brilliant, so I'd love to catch his show.

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    I don't care how old it is... I still wanna get my 'Harlem Shake' on!