[Editor's Note: PopCrush asked a few artists to share their SXSW stories in a series of guest blog posts. Meet August Alsina, Def Jam's newest hip-hop artist and The-Dream's protege. The 19-year-old rapper recently dropped ‘I Luv This S—’ which features label mate, Trinidad James.]

Blog 2:
SXSW Day 2 was an experience.

Another show under my belt, one show got canceled so that was wack, but thanks to Beats by Dre and Pink Dolphin, I got a taste of what it feels like to be showered with free s---! That will never get old.

FYI, the Beats Pill is stuuupid! Gotta get you one. Luv to Karen Civil for the hook up! And shout out to Colt from Pink Dolphin for the stage gear! I did a pretty cool interview with Beats, thanks to my cool a-- publicist Courtni.

The show at Viceland was pretty dope, good response from the people. We passed out a lot of samplers and made a few fans... just another warmup for the big event tomorrow.

After the show we walked too damn far to the Fader Fort. That s-- was packed and gettin’ in was crazy but my girl Kristen from Def Jam hooked it up. My nicca Trinidad James was performing and I got in just in time to catch the last half of his set. We kicked it backstage, I ran into my big bro Drumma Boy, met some cool a-- people from Fader, and kicked it with my guys Motion Family. After that walk, I spent the rest of the night with my shoes off.

Tomorrow is the big day, so we’ll cut Thursday short.

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Caption: S/O 2 the beautiful @KarenCivil & Beats by dre for the gifts #sxsw


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Caption: S/O 2 PinkDolphin for the many gifts! ... @coltconnors got da Juice!!!