Kitten frontwoman Chloe Chaidez was born with rock 'n' roll pulsing through her veins, after all her dad was the drummer for a punk rock band. For her, the only career trajectory was to be on stage. She jokes, "I probably watched 'School of Rock' 100 times."  

Riding on the success of their 2011 'Cut It Out' EP, Chaisez, along with her bandmates Waylon Rector, Lukas Frank and Bryan DeLeon will be performing five more gigs this week in Austin.

Check out Kitten's Top 5 'Can't Miss' SXSW acts below!

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    Out of all the bands doing the shoegaze thing right now, I think they’re doing it the best. Super loud and dreamy.

  • 2

    The Flaming Lips

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'Suddenly Everything Has Changed'

    All of us can say [their 1999 album] 'The Soft Bulletin' is one of our favorites and the Flaming Lips are just one of those bands you must see before you die.

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    Andy Stott


    This guy is heavier than most metal bands out today. I hope we get to catch one of his night time sets, his music just craves darkness.

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    Think Joy Division meets Minor Threat. Fast, yet somehow lethargic. I predict the crowd is gonna lose it for these guys.

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    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'The Mother We Share'

    Scottish three piece Chvrches is simply pop music at it's finest.  With only two or three songs out, I need to watch their entire set to see if the rest of their music can compete with the monster chorus on 'The Mother We Share.' I’m hopeful.