With the music portion SXSW vastly approaching, we asked artists performing at this year's Austin festivities to share five must-see acts.

Meet Nick Karidoyanes, bassist for alt-pop group Westland. His group, hailing from Boston, will be packing in three SXSW gigs on the 13th and 14th, which is nothing when you compare it to the 400-plus live U.S. shows they've culled since the band's formation in 2009. The five-person outfit just dropped the music video for 'Jack and Coke,' featured on their January-released EP 'Intimacy Without Intricacy'.

Check out Karidoyanes' Top 5 recommended "can't miss" SXSW acts below, and be sure to check out Westland live in Austin!

  • 1

    Twenty One Pilots

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'Holding on to You'

    A mix between Eminem and fun. Might seem like an odd combination, but Twenty One Pilots pull it off flawlessly.  These guys are my pick to become HUGE over the next year.  Ever since I bought their Fueled By Ramen debut, 'Vessel,' I haven’t been able to take it off repeat. Make sure to catch this duo now before they are playing in stadiums.

  • 2

    The Dear Hunter


    Even back in 2005 when he was one of the vocalists for The Receiving End of Sirens, I knew that Casey Crescenzo’s songwriting was impeccable. In his current project, The Dear Hunter, Crescenzo takes a more experimental approach and it works perfectly. His mix of orchestral instrumentation and traditional rock instrumentation create something truly special.

  • 3

    The Dangerous Summer

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'The Permanent Rain'

    If anyone ever wondered what the band Explosions in the Sky sounded like with vocals, I would point one in the directions of The Dangerous Summer. Vocalist/ bassist AJ Perdomo writes some of the most beautiful lyrics that I have read, and it is a shame that these guys aren’t much bigger than they already are.

  • 4

    Walk Off the Earth


    Known primarily for their kick a-- covers of today’s popular music, the band’s originals are often overlooked.  With three amazing vocalists, they have an amazing indie sound that could cross over into the mainstream.

  • 5

    Driver Friendly


    I had never heard of this group out of Austin until they were picked up this past year by Hopeless Records, and I’m glad I gave them a listen. Their raw sound is easily made up for by their catchy melodies that always find a way to sneak into your head.