A cliffhanger on a reality talent show? Is that even possible? Oh yeah. Since the 'American Idol' Hollywood rounds are taped and not live, the show's producers have the ability to edit as they see fit, so tonight's episode ended with singer Symone Zaire Black, 16, falling off the stage and obviously hurt in the tumble.

We have to question the decision to leave the viewers in such a concerned state over Symone's fate. A fall such as hers is serious stuff and we're a bit unsettled at having witnessed it and not knowing how she is doing.

Here's what happened. Symone, who confessed to having a "stage dad," offered up her gorgeous rendition of Otis Redding's '(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay.' Judge Randy Jackson interrupted her quality performance to ask the teen why she chose to do that particular song, to which she responded that she was hoping to reach an older audience. Hey, we applaud her for having the foresight and desire to connect with a specific sect of fans.

The judges joked that she must think they are old, so she walked towards the edge of the stage to address them more directly and to perhaps clarify her statement when she fell off the stage. It was a several foot drop and she likely didn't know what hit her. Medics were called, dad rushed to her rescue and credits rolled as we heard Steven Tyler say she hit her head.

We'll find out tomorrow night at 8PM ET what happened to poor Symone and we're thinking she's just fine, since it'd be in even poorer taste to air something so devastating. If something horrific truly happened, it wouldn't (and likely couldn't) be aired.

Our fingers are crossed that she Symone Black merely had a scare and a couple of bruises, including one on her ego, since falling is embarrassing. We hope she's okay. For what it's worth, she's talented and deserves to move on.

Watch Symone Black's Fall on 'American Idol'