When it comes to protecting his daughters, T.I. doesn't mess around. The father of six children is very attuned to social media and he knows there are plenty of thirsty guys on those websites tweeting and Instragram-ing with dirty thoughts on their minds.

So when a horny 16-year-old kid try to holler at T.I.'s daughter, Zonninque (aka Starr), the Atlanta rapper didn't take too kindly to his, um, suggestive pick-up line. According to the Urban Daily, when the OMG Girls singer posted a picture of herself on Instagram, an oversexed teen left a comment asking her, "Can we f---?"

What the hell? Attention all horny 16-year-olds boys, this is not the way you approach a young lady. More importantly, this is not the way you talk to the daughter of a former drug dealer-turned-rapper who has a lengthy criminal record for gun possession.

After the horny kid left his ribald comment, T.I. went gangsta on the young man and promised to end his life if he ever disrespected his daughter again on Instagram. He wrote:

N---- u ever disrespect me & mines like that again I’m gon throw more $$$ at ya head than it cost to build yo mama a new house. Boy don't f--- your sad a-- lil life up before i can get it started…u gon get yaself *F---ed* aight…in ya mouth wit ya own lil pee-pee. Now keep playin round wit it lil homie. #NoBulls---."

The young man is probably hiding under his bed right now after reading T.I.'s threatening comment -- and we don't blame him. Let that be a lesson kids, you better act right on these social-networking websites or T.I. is going to put you in check … or in a body bag. Gulp!

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