After flexin' his street cred on 'I'm Flexin,' T.I. is now flossin' with his new single, 'Pyro.' The Atlanta rapper describes the song as his official party record. "It's nostalgic of those crazy nights, early mornings [but] just turned up," he says.

Tip is not known for making party records, so this is definitely a change of pace for the Grammy-winning rhyme-slinger. Produced by Two Band Geeks, 'Pyro' is a boisterous jam with charging keyboards and thunderous drum kicks.

Comparing himself to explosives, the self-proclaimed "King of the South" raps hashtag flows about ballin' and bagging hot girls. "I’m on fire and ice cold / A black Benz, a white Rolls / Like loose women in tight clothes / Say I’m the bomb b----h, I’m dynamite, pyro," he brags on the chorus.

He continues to flaunt his wealth with abrasive lyrics like, "I'll take a n----a's little b----h and buy her a little Prius / They ain't on fire like we is / Certified flyer, recognize us where you see us / Take no s---t, no how, no way / We TNT, C4, / Okaaay." Yeah, we get it T.I., you have lots of money and you're about to blow up like dynamite. Ka-Boom!

While T.I.'s 'Pyro' is a definite club banger, it might rub a few penniless haters the wrong way. Nevertheless, T.I. is back on his grind and is about to ignite the rap game with his explosive new album 'Trouble Man.'

Listen to T.I., 'Pyro'